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114. Wondering what to do with those holiday leftovers? 4 quick and easy tips to meal prep, prevent boredom and not waste food.

How much leftover Christmas food do you have in your fridge?

All those leftovers need to go somewhere right? May as well whip up a few recipes to finish them up and do something different than the typical ham soup and turkey or ham sandwiches.

Today I wanted to share 4 quick and easy tips to help you use up those leftovers which will help you meal prep, prevent boredom and not waste all the leftover food.  

Super simple, easy and completely doable. 

This will free up time and your mental bandwidth so you can actually REST after the busy holiday season. (Grab my free foggy & fatigued blueprint to help you get back some energy here):

If you don’t personally love to eat leftovers, still utilize these tips to help you easily bless someone else with a hot meal. 

Grab a notebook to jot down some ideas you get as you listen to this quick episode on meal prepping, preventing boredom and not wasting food by using up those leftovers! 

Recipe for instant pot dish:

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I pray this blesses you today!


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