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132. Are you a people pleaser? How God’s word and setting BOUNDARIES can help you overcome it-Faith Friday

Do you label yourself as a people pleaser? Do you have trouble setting boundaries? 

Maybe you are a people pleaser for everyone except yourself. Does the thought of speaking up for yourself, setting boundaries and speaking your voice cause you some anxiety? 

Being a people pleaser and not setting healthy boundaries can greatly affect how you care for yourself. Putting everyone else first, at the expense of yourself, despite your exhaustion, despite your need for refueling yourself.

Not saying no because you don’t want to disappoint someone or always saying yes even if for good things.  Not setting boundaries can cause anxiety. Not valuing yourself can cause anxiety. 

Being a people pleaser and not setting boundaries, takes a physical and emotional toll on you.

Boundaries are a good thing. Boundaries helps us to value ourselves. There is freedom in Christ and there is freedom in reclaiming your voice and setting some much needed boundaries in some situations.

We can make the choice to value ourselves and overcome the anxiety over setting boundaries and stop people pleasing once and for all. 

I go into how God showed me 4 ways to do this through His word. 

Isaiah 41:10 is the verse I am speaking on today and I share 3 main points you can take away from that verse to carry with you as you are practicing setting boundaries in your life. 

I pray this blesses you today.
XO, Michelle

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