151. Taking Back Your LIFE After TRAUMA: Hope & Strength with Guest Keisha Wright

Do you want to take back your life after living with trauma? Wellness is a decision.

Whether it’s physically, emotionally or spiritually.  We get to decide.

Do you really WANT to be well? It’s something we need to ask ourselves if we are feeling stuck and stagnant either in our mind, body, soul or spirit. 

Often it is hard to stare our past trauma in the face all over again in order to deal with it in a healthy way. It’s so much easier to stuff, ignore, swallow down and suffer in silence. But as my guest Keisha Wright says, “numbness does not equal wellness.”

Trauma is not talked about as much as it should be. Christian women tend to act as if we “have it all together” even when we are slowly fading away inside. I don’t know why we feel we need to do this but within the church it has been going on for decades. 

In my conversation with Keisha we touch on this and how you can take back your life after trauma. That your trauma does not define you. You can heal and gain strength as you are facing your trauma head on like the valiant warrior child of God that you are!

I pray this blesses you today!
XO, Michelle

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