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193. Celebrate Health & Wellness with me & You Could Win a FREE Food & Lifestyle Review

🎉Celebrate Health & Wellness with me!! Enter to win a FREE Food & Lifestyle Review session! 
Today we are celebrating 2 years of the Treasured Wellness podcast and I want YOU to win! 🎉

We are talking about some amazing guests and topics we had on over the last year and what is coming on in this new season for Treasured Wellness. 

Women’s health and wellness can be so broad and NO topic is off the table. So let me know what topics are close to your heart, what you want to hear more of and it will happen! 
A BIG thank you for hanging with me along this amazing journey!

To enter to win a FREE Food & Lifestyle Review Session, just write a review on Apple podcast, take a screenshot and share in our Treasured Wellness fb community.  The drawing will be held on Monday September 18th! 🎊

***If you need help in making better food and lifestyle choices, reach out to me. I have opened up 3 additional slots for the month of Sept for a Food & Lifestyle review session. 

We will take 1 whole hour to have my eyes on your food and lifestyle routines, habits and to spot potential causes for fatigue or just not feeling like you want to feel. 
This also includes a  follow up call 2 weeks after session to see how you are doing with the implementation of the changes we discussed. (Payment plan available w/fees waived for September!)  Grab one now!

Constantly tired and feeling stuck on how to increase your energy? Book your 1 hour FATIGUE FREEDOM COACHING SESSION for only $47! In just one hour you will get clarity on what your personal fatigue causes or triggers are so that you can be intentional in your day to banish them and have more natural energy. You will walk away with a simple customized holistic health plan to take the next steps to where you want to go in your health journey. Grab your session now!

Join me in my FB Group, Holistic Health for Christian Women over 40, to be supported, encouraged and educated in your health

Want more FREE tips on how to regain your energy in a natural way using clear daily action steps along with some delicious and supportive recipes?

Grab my FREE Foggy and Fatigued Blueprint

Let’s DO IT!! Know that you want to be ALL IN for 4 months of intentional lifestyle change and rid your body of toxic inflammation? Want to also improve your immune system as you begin to implement fresh, consistent changes? I have your back! Make the changes you need to move the needle forward in your health in a way that is doable.

The SHAPE ReClaimed Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle Modification Program is for you!

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