199. Health Coach Confession with God’s Grace & this ONE Action Step

It’s health coach confession time! Guys, I am sharing about my own personal health mishap, how it happened and what I am doing to get back on track with God’s help. 

We all have slip ups in our nutrition, movement, time with God, whatever it is that we do on the regular. Sometimes it simply fails to remain a priority. 
I spill on where I went wrong (that slippery slope friends!) and how I am remedying the situation with grace from God and towards myself. 

I will share the ONE main action step that I am taking today, to get back on track and hold myself accountable (in addition to doing a 30 day intentional anti-inflammatory whole food cleanse.)

I want to hear from you in our community Holistic Health for Christian women over 40. As you are listening, ask yourself “where in my wellness journey do I need to give myself grace?”

There is no perfection this side of Heaven friends so pray and release your own health confession to the Lord. Then, take this one action step in moving forward towards the optimal health and energy that you desire!

I pray this encourages you and blesses you today!
XO, Michelle

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