208 REST RISE SHINE: Behind the Scenes at our CEO Retreat- Bonus episode

How can you REST RISE & SHINE? And what does that have to do with a CEO Retreat?

I am so glad you asked! 
I am doing this bonus episode to introduce you to two of my business besties in the podcasting world as we share our hearts about what God is leading us to do together and in our own businesses.

You will get a peak into the behind the scenes of our CEO retreat that we had a few weeks ago. 

Each one of us have such a heart for busy Christian women who are working, serving, caring for others and aren’t feeling their best inside or out or struggle with juggling time for “all the things”. 

Some days it’s getting the best of you in your health, time and confidence leaving you feeling fatigued, frustrated and frumpy.

And then what do we as Christian women tend to do? Put our needs and desires on the back burner because there doesn’t seem to be enough time to fit it all in and we’ve got things to do!  Can you relate? 

But that’s not the life God’s called you to. That’s why the 3 of us are coming together to help you fill up so you can pour out as His daughter who’s restored, refocused and reflective… WITH-God! 

Lissa Figgins, is all about helping busy midlife women Redeem their time so that they can focus on what really matters.  What God has called them to do in this season and in light of eternity. 
 Ashli Anna Hurley with Bold Faith and Fashion is all about helping women find their true identity and beauty in Christ and then reflect that from the inside out by how you dress to show up for your kingdom calling as a midlife woman entrepreneur. 

On today’s bonus episode, we’re having a candid conversation about our hearts to serve you in your wellness, time and closet, and the vision He has given us to help you REST, RISE and SHINE and take your growth in your life + biz or career to the next level, WITH God.  

This vision has been on my heart for some time and when you have a God sized dream you just can’t let it go! So I am extremely excited to see how God unfolds it all as Lissa, Ashli Anna and myself continue to seek the Lord about this vision.

I pray this conversation is a blessing and encouragement for you!
XO, Michelle

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