209. RENEWED Christian Women’s Conference details with Erika Diaz Castro- Faith Friday

Today I am sitting down with a good friend and fellow podcaster to talk all about her Renewed Christian Woman’s Conference that will be NEXT WEEK!

Erika is a Christ follower, wife and mama. She’s a life coach for Christian women who struggle with anxiety or overwhelm; and helps them get more done, stop stressing about their schedules and have time for what matters most. She is the host of Her Renewed Strength-The Podcast and also known as your Jesus-loving, Puerto Rican life coach!

Erika and I talk about why she felt led to host a virtual conference, what her mission is and how you can get involved in this FREE event. You will hear her heart as she shares her desire to support and encourage other Christian women. 

I will be speaking on Wednesday Nov. 8th talking about Holistic Health God’s Way and REST and I would love for you to be a part of this community of faith driven women. 

Come prepared to be built up and encouraged! This conference is for you if you desire to know God more and walk BOLDLY as His daughter!

I can’t wait to see you inside and I pray this episode blesses you today!

XO, Michelle

Connect with Erika and sign up for the conference!

Podcast – https://herrenewedstrength.com/

podcast Community – https://herrenewedstrength.com/community

Conference – https://treasured50–herrenewedstrength.thrivecart.com/…

Email – erika@herrenewedstrength.com

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