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212. Optimize your Whole Health Potential in Midlife with Guest David Sandstrom

Can you optimize your whole health?  Understanding God’s design for your life is key in being able to optimize your whole health potential. But to fully understand God’s design for your life you need to draw closer to Him. Seek Him First. 

My guest today, David Sandstrom, brings encouragement to you that God does indeed want good health for you as His daughter. David backs up this encouragement with plenty of verses as well.

David is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Biblical Health Coach. He helps people maximize their health potential so they can look and feel their best at any age. He’s an author and the host of the Natural Health Matters podcast and is an expert in the Spirit – Mind – Body connection.

I so enjoyed my time on his podcast when he interviewed me on Natural Health Matters and I just had to have him come on Treasured Wellness to bring you his wealth of wisdom on whole health!

You may want to grab a notebook to jot down some good little tidbits as you hear how you can optimize your whole health potential!

I pray this encourages you today!
XO, Michelle

Connect with David:

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