213. REST in the Lord then RISE up and SHINE- Faith Friday

REST in the Lord so you can then RISE up and SHINE for Him.

Today I am sharing some encouragement about your identity friend. 

God does not intend for His daughters to be walking around sad, sick and stuck. So why do we allow our health to slide? Why are God’s daughters so tired all the time?

Why do busy Christian women continuously put others first while their physical, emotional/mental or spiritual health suffers? 

As we embark on this WITH-God life in all areas, it’s important to recognize your personal self care.  As an empty nester you may have more time for rest and yet many of you are still struggling to put your health as a priority. 

When you take the time to REST with God then you can then RISE up and SHINE the way He has called you to shine.

You will want your bible and journal for this episode and I pray it brings you encouragement today!
XO, Michelle

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