214. Midlife NUTRITION Tips for Good ENERGY Levels While Traveling.

Want some nutrition tips to have good energy levels while traveling this holiday season? 

It’s Thanksgiving here in the US and you may be traveling this week. 
When you are on a road trip do you pack healthy foods and snacks to keep your energy up?

Don’t get tripped up at the rest stop vending machines and the gas station junk food that will deplete your energy and make you more tired. Not if you want to be healthy and keep your energy levels up! Just say no to those temptations to have good energy levels!

You CAN be in control of what you put into your mouth to then help your body naturally feel better and have more energy. I promise eating healthy while traveling doesn’t have to be hard!

Today we are talking about planning and prepping for healthy eating to have good energy levels for your travel and time spent with friends and family.

These 3 simple and easy tips will help you to maintain and sustain your energy levels even on a road trip. Often, we get so caught up in the doings of getting ready for a road trip that we think last minute about what food we will bring. This doesn’t help our midlife female hormones and certainly doesn’t help our midlife energy levels!

Take these 3 easy nutrition tips to pack healthy food for your next trip, feel better and get to your destination with more energy.  Eating well on the road will help keep your energy levels up even if you are the driver. 

This involves intentional planning but I promise it will be so worth it to have more energy while traveling!

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