221. A WITH-God Vision for a Healthy Whole LIFE with Robin Rhine McDonald

Creating a life WITH-God, means having a vision and believing you can have a healthy and whole life.

God wants what is best for YOU, His Daughter. Do you believe that? So often we get caught up in all of the “should dos” that we forget to just BE. Be the godly woman God created you to be. 

Embracing our true identity in God helps us to slow down, breathe and lean into what HE is calling us to. 

A healthy whole LIFE involves intentional integration WITH-God. 

Today’s guest helps us to see how pivotal bringing God into our wellness is for true wellness. 

Robin Rhine MacDonald Robin Rhine McDonald is a Faith-Based Holistic Health Coach, proud mom and wife with a passion for supporting and empowering Jesus-loving women to gain true health while losing weight through her sustainable, grace-based process. She loves to help women ditch chronic dieting and disease for holistic health and wellness. She mixes her seminary background with her study of integrative nutrition to help women develop the energy and vitality to live out their unique God-given calling. 

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I pray this blesses you today!

XO, Michelle

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