224. Hormones Have You TIRED and BLOATED? 5 Things That Lead to BELLY FAT and FATIGUE

Do your hormones have you tired and bloated? Are you frustrated with your annoying belly fat and constant fatigue? 

These 5 things that lead to your belly bloat, belly fat and tiredness may be the very things keeping you tired and bloated. 

I am sharing the 5 “S’s” to Belly Bloat, Belly Fat and Tiredness. 

These 5 “S’s” also contribute to poor health and dis-ease so make a decision today that you will choose a better way…. God’s way. 

The Healthy Holistic LIFE Program will help YOU to go from foggy, fatigued, bloated, frustrated and overwhelmed to energized, clear, feeling good and CONFIDENT in your WHOLE Health. Body, soul, spirit. 

Faith Fueled Coaching + Like-minded group support and accountability with God at the center of all you do will help you bridge that “Knowing/Doing” Gap that may be keeping you sad, sick and stuck. 

Intentional action + Godly Integration + Implementation = YOUR Wellness Transformation.

Now through Dec 27th the 6 month Healthy Holistic LIFE Program is available to you for a deep discount of $500 off PLUS amazing bonuses so you can gift yourself the vitally important gift of Whole Wellness.

Why 6 months? Because true, lasting change takes time, intentionality, discipline, direction and support.

Inviting God in for that WITH-God LIFE, you absolutely can restore your body back to balance WITH confidence.

 2024 can be your year to take back control over your whole health so you can rise up in bold and confident clarity as you Treasure your Wellness while Treasuring your Temple. 

I invite you to apply to the Healthy Holistic LIFE Program.

I pray this blesses and challenges you today!
XO, Michelle

I NEED THIS! Intentional action+ Integration WITH-God + Implementation =Transformation

The Healthy Holistic LIFE Program 

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