225. Does your STRESSED Nervous System need More PEACE? Faith Friday

Does your stressed nervous system need a little more peace today?

With Christmas in just a few days (eek!) your nervous system may be in overdrive. You may be feeling pulled, stretched, overwhelmed, overtired and overstressed right about now!

Physically, emotionally and mentally, when we are not living in a state of peace or Homeostasis, then our body holds onto all of the stress that we are feeling. The body truly does keep the score.

 Your nervous system will work to protect you in times of stress but if you don’t do the necessary actions to help your nervous system to calm and get back into the parasympathetic response (rest & digest) and you allow yourself to stay in a sympathetic response (fight or flight) then you are doing a grave dis-service to your whole health.

Being in a state of stress can affect every part of your body and impact your whole wellness. Body, soul, spirit. Stress is a hot topic that women get victory over in the Healthy Holistic LIFE Program.

And you can choose a better way too, my friend!

Living a WITH-God life involves seeking Him first for our EVERYTHING, yes even our relationships. It involves taking INTENTIONAL ACTION as we CHOOSE a better way.

Make a choice today to do things differently as you are helping your nervous system to be calm and centered this Christmas. 

AND now through Dec 27th the 6 month Healthy Holistic LIFE Program is available to you for a deep discount of $500 off PLUS amazing bonuses so you can gift yourself the vitally important gift of Whole Wellness.

Why 6 months? Because true, lasting change takes time, intentionality, discipline, direction and support.

Inviting God in for that WITH-God LIFE, you absolutely can restore your body back to balance WITH confidence.

Faith Fueled Coaching + Like-minded group support and accountability with God at the center of all you do will help you bridge that “Knowing/Doing” Gap that may be keeping you sad, sick and stuck. 

Intentional action + Godly Integration + Implementation = YOUR Wellness Transformation.

 2024 can be your year to take back control over your whole health so you can rise up in bold and confident clarity as you Treasure your Wellness while Treasuring your Temple. 

I invite you to apply to the Healthy Holistic LIFE Program.

Have a beautifully blessed Christmas!
XO, Michelle

****Come inside the Healthy Holistic LIFE Program and receive support, accountability and high touch coaching where you absolutely will not only be supported but you will take intentional daily action towards the goals you set.

Sounds like something you need? Click here to apply! 

I can’t wait to see how God helps you TRANSFORM and TREASURE your Wellness.