228. A New Year WITH God Mindset Challenge for a Healthy Whole LIFE


We are officially 2 days into 2024 and I am so happy and excited to begin a fresh new year with you!

It can be overwhelming, frustrating and confusing when you are getting so much health information online, in your feeds, in the news…  Especially in this season of Midlife.

And I won’t lie to you; it takes a lot of work, discipline and grit to reclaim your whole health. But the most important thing it takes to reclaim your whole health and live a healthy LIFE is to invite God in. Truly live this LIFE WITH-God. 

So I invite you into a New Year WITH-God Mindset Challenge today as we welcome in a fresh new year with a fresh new perspective over our wellness!

I pray you are excited and ready for what God has for you this year and if you aren’t then hopefully by the end of this episode you will be! Hopefully this new year WITH-God Mindset Challenge will challenge you to think differently about your wellness goals and your mindset around your wellness struggles.

Basically I want you to walk away with the knowledge that you are not alone and you do not have to do this life including figuring out your health struggles, alone. God is with you and He will always be with you. PLUS, your girl here is ready to help you reclaim your whole health if you need specific to you information, support, tough love and accountability. 

Let’s open our hearts and our bibles to hear what the Lord wants to show us as we embark on a fresh new year with a fresh new mindset. We are not doing things the world’s way with resolutions. We are doing things God’s way. 

Grab your bible and your journal for lots of note taking and settle in to lean into what the Lord may be speaking to you about as it pertains to your whole health wellness. 

I pray this encourages and challenges you today!
XO, Michelle 

2024 can be your year to take back control over your whole health so you can rise up in bold and confident clarity as you Treasure your Wellness while Treasuring your Temple.

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