229. New Year Whole Health Repentance Not Resolutions-Faith Friday

How does making a New Year Whole Health Repentance instead of Resolutions sound?

As we start a fresh new year let’s choose to make whole health repentance and not resolutions that don’t last. 

Looking to God’s way of living a healthy life is key to really getting victory over some things that may be bothering us in our whole health. Body. Soul. Spirit. 

The reality is that resolutions simply don’t last. Often resolutions don’t last beyond January 12th which is incidentally National Quitters Day!

Aside from the fact that most resolutions don’t work or stick, as God’s Daughters, we are called to a higher standard. We are called to be different. As Christians, let’s begin this new year looking to our Lord and Savior and see what HE has to say in His Word and to us personally about our whole health. 

Have your bible and a journal handy for today’s episode on New Year’s Whole Health Repentance NOT Resolutions! 

I pray this blesses and motivates you today!
XO, Michelle

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