230. Ditch Diet Culture, Shame & Insecurity as you Redefine Beauty in Midlife with Melissa Johnson

Hey friend, let’s ditch diet culture, shame and insecurity as we redefine beauty in Midlife!

My guest today is Melissa L. Johnson, a marriage and family therapist, as well as a spiritual director.  

Melissa walked through her own challenges with an eating disorder and God has called her to help others not only with eating disorders or disordered eating but to encourage other women to stand boldly as faith fueled women.

In a world saturated with diet culture, fake beauty, shame and feelings of unworthiness PLUS the toxic teachings of the cosmetic industry, Melissa encourages you to ditch the world focused shame and insecurity that is thrown at you and lean into what God says about you as His daughter. 
As we are beginning a new year with new marketing towards improving yourself the way the world thinks you should, I pray this is encouraging and gives you hope as you listen.

You see it all the time: women are purposely being shown unrealistic and unhealthy images online, in commercials, in ads, magazines. This is nothing new but there more and more specific marketing targeted towards those of us in this midlife phase of life.

Geared towards us covering up and masking up our true God given beauty and signs of a life lived as we are in this midlife season.

I encourage you to lean into your true worth and recognize that you are a beautiful and a treasured possession in God’s eyes.  Recognize the lies of the enemy and when you are in the middle of a spiritual battle as it pertains to your looks, your beauty, your skin, your weight, your intelligence and so on.

Seek God first for everything and rebuke the lies of the enemy. 

Words have power my friend, so as you listen, ask the Lord to show you where you have been falling for lies and take some time to dig into what God says about you. 

I pray this is a blessing and encouragement to you today!
XO, Michelle

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