231. Need to REST & Recover from the Holidays? 3 Biblical Tips to Reduce FATIGUE.

Do you need to REST and RECOVER from the Holidays? Did you wear yourself out yet again during this holiday season even though you had time off from work?

You are not alone my friend. Most women do just that when they have time off around the holidays. Not really taking the time to rest and recover like their body so desperately needs. 

And then January 2nd comes around and back to work you go. Still exhausted. Still tired and overstretched. Certainly not refreshed or recovered from all the travel, socializing and doing “all the things”. 

Hopefully this isn’t you and I am praying that you are beginning the new year with more peace and physical and soul refreshment.

But if this sounds like you and you feel stressed, tired, stretched still….even after a few days off from work, I encourage you to set aside time to really get quiet with the Lord so that you can replenish physically, emotionally/mentally and spiritually.

Truly leaning into the Lord for your restoration and recovery. 

This is such restorative work. Important work. Necessary work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or that it is selfish. Those are lies from the enemy!

Today we are talking about 3 Biblical TIPS to reduce mind, body, soul & spirit fatigue and truly help you rest and recover after the busy holiday season.

Grab your favorite cozy blanket, bible and journal and let’s get refreshed!

I pray this blesses you today!
XO, Michelle

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