232. Tired, Tender & INFLAMED? Inflammatory Ingredients to be Aware of in a Favorite Snack Food in your Pantry.

Are you feeling tired & tender while you are trying to make healthier eating changes? Maybe sore and inflamed in your joints from harder workouts, sitting too much or from the foods you are eating? 

Let’s talk about some Inflammatory Ingredients to be aware of in a favorite snack food in your Pantry.

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This is a timely episode as by now, mid January, people have been making and dropping health resolutions in some way or another.

And with the confusing nutrition advice out there especially from the food manufacturers, sometimes what we think is healthy for us is actually causing more inflammation in our bodies. So it is harder for us to recover, reduce weight, lose the belly bloat and simply feel better overall in our bodies. 

This favorite snack food may be in your pantry right now and it is a common staple in many pantries. However, it isn’t as innocent as we have been led to believe. 

You don’t have to necessarily throw it away today but I want you to be informed of some inflammatory ingredients that may be slowing down your progress of whatever your health goal was that you set January 1st. 

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When we KNOW better, we EAT better and then FEEL better!

XO, Michelle

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