239. Is Your Soul TIRED? How you can Rest WITH God for a Spiritual Mindset Shift

Friend, is your soul tired? Weary? Spiritual fatigue happens from time to time especially when we are going and doing and pushing too much. 

Today, my guest Heather Preston and I talk about how you can REST WITH God for a spiritual mindset shift to help you rest and recover His way. 

You are going to just love our conversation as we dig into some truth God wants His daughters to know.

We are talking about REST, trusting in the Father, what brought heather to her love for the word and to write her book Between the Lines. 

Listen in as you hear us talk about what is most foundational in our wellness. (You will have already guessed it if you have been a listener to the podcast and a client of mine!)  

This episode is gold and full of rich little nuggets for you to take away, hid in your heart and talk to the Lord about in your quiet time. You will be encouraged that you can pray those messy prayers and you don’t have to have it all together when you talk with God. 

Does He care about your whole wellness? You bet He does! 

As I asked Heather, I am asking you as well, what are you treasuring in this season of your life? Pop into the fb community and let us know or simply leave me a voice memo on www.treasuredwellness.com

Connect with Heather: heatherpreston.com

I pray this episode has blessed you richly today!



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