244. Always TIRED & SICK? Your HOME Could Have MOLD with Guest Michael Rubino

Are you  always TIRED and SICK? Your HOME could have MOLD in it. If you are always struggling to feel well, dealing with some consistent symptoms like coughing, wheezing, skin rashes, congestion, migraines, brain fog and fatigue (just to name a few) you could be dealing with something more.

I have had a few clients and friends who have dealt with mold sickness so I know how important this topic is. I am very happy to bring Michael onto the show to share his expertise in this area.

Michael Rubino is an air quality expert and he is sharing his life’s work in mold remediation with us today. MOLD & MYCOTOXINS are a very real cause of poor air quality inside the home which can lead to sickness. 

We are diving into the details of mold: how it grows and how it affects us, mold in the home, how mold affects air quality and much more. 

You will want to ask yourself 2 very important questions as you are listening to our conversation on mold in the home:
1. What’s not right?

2. Do I want to BE WELL? 

Connect with Michael: https://www.homecleanse.com/

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 I pray this blesses you today!

XO, Michelle


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