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247. Biblical MINDSET Shift: How Treasuring YOUR Temple Helps Treasure YOUR Wellness.

Do YOU need a Biblical MINDSET Shift? Do you struggle to care for yourself WELL?

Today we are talking about how Treasuring YOUR Temple helps you to Treasure YOUR Wellness.

Because it is VITAL that we care for ourselves and acknowledge that our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit!

When Jesus came to earth, died for our sins and rose again he did away with the need for a physical temple. We as followers, as Christians, became the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. 

Are YOU Treasuring YOUR Temple? 

We need to be renewing our minds so that our thoughts line up with what GOD says. His truth. Not the world’s truth. 

As we just finished celebrating Holy Week with Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, this is a perfect time to sit with Jesus and reassess your MINDSET. 

Shift your mindset towards a Biblical mindset. This will help you Treasure YOUR Temple. This will help you Treasure YOUR Wellness. 

I pray this blesses and encourages you today!



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