248. Overwhelmed, Stressed + Exhausted? Consider an Undiagnosed Condition Common in Women

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted?  Is this exhaustion more of your norm these days?

I invite you to consider this undiagnosed condition common in women.  This fatigue condition can affect women of all ages and stages of life but what I am seeing is more and more women over 40 are dealing with this fatigue condition and not getting the proper diagnosis for it. 

Over the last few weeks I have had multiple calls with women who are struggling with consistent tiredness but think it is something else….  AND I would be willing to bet that you too have struggled for a few years with your own fatigue issues.

As you enter menopause or are smack dab in the middle of menopause or perimenopause,  you may be thinking it’s an imbalance of your hormones…. estrogen and progesterone is either too high or too low… it’s all hormonal… you just have to wait it out…but in reality it really could be a dysfunction in your stress hormones. Likely caused by adrenal fatigue.

This fatigue condition related to your adrenals can actually take YEARS to become clear and officially diagnosed if it is not addressed properly. Which, often times, adrenal fatigue isn’t.

   I hope that by sharing my back story leading up to my adrenal fatigue this helps you to know that you are not alone, you are not imagining your symptoms and to encourage you that you need to be your own best advocate for your health!

AND you really can get support and help to navigate through all of the conflicting health advice to find what works for you!

I am here for you to walk you through your personal recovery from your fatigue condition whether it is adrenal fatigue or related to something else.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted you will want to pay attention and ask yourself if you could be dealing with this undiagnosed fatigue condition called adrenal fatigue right now.

I pray this helps you to Treasure YOUR Wellness!




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