249. Stressed into Sickness? Why Women MUST Address FATIGUE + STRESS Levels

Have you been so stressed it makes you sick? Today we are talking about why women must address their fatigue + stress levels. 

Are you ready to help yourself get to the bottom of your consistent fatigue & tiredness my friend? YOU must address your fatigue and stress levels or you WILL get sicker. 

I remember when I was in your shoes slogging through the same type of day. And I greatly suffered for the time I spent ignoring my body’s symptoms and signals of depletion.

I was in survival mode. Can you relate?

Are you pushing yourself to “just get through” to survive each day?

When you keep pushing through in a state of maintaining or surviving instead the THRIVING that you really want, you are doing a massive disservice to your whole health. 


If you want to regain your energy naturally without another quick fix fad diet that leaves you hungry and cranky and that is impossible to stick with, if you are ready to get to the bottom of your specific midlife health issues…it’s time to take that first step.  

Listen in as we dive into the important cortisol conversation! What are some signs your cortisol is too high? What are the signs cortisol is too low? 

You will want to take note of where YOU fall into this cortisol conversation and how YOUR body is responding to the stress in your life. Yes, you may be having wonky hormones right now but not everything that goes wrong in our midlife health should be blamed on our hormones.

Shut up all the midlife health noise out there currently and lean into what your brilliantly created body is telling you. 

You absolutely can embrace this midlife season in health clarity + confidence without the overwhelm and confusion. 

I pray this helps you to Treasure YOUR Wellness!




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