250. High STRESS Levels? How Your Midlife STRESS is Affecting YOUR Health in Key Ways

Midlife STRESS really IS Affecting YOUR Health in These Specific Areas that we are going to discuss today on the podcast. 

Are both home and work obligations keeping you burning the candle at both ends? Are you going through an emotional situation that you aren’t yet seeing the end of?

If yes, your body is greatly affected by the stress you are under.

TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH and help yourself feel better!

Arm yourself with knowledge about your stress and how it is affecting your whole body.

When you KNOW Better, you do better.

Your midlife stress is affecting your whole health in very specific ways. These 7 key areas of your health that are being affected by your stress levels are easy to blame on other things. 

But what is the actual ROOT CAUSE? Very possibly the root cause is your high stress level in this midlife season. 

Is YOUR midlife health feeling the impact of your stress levels? 

Listen in to see where your body may be trying to tell you it is on stress overload.

As always, I don’t leave you hanging! You will walk away with 5 intentional action steps you can do right now to help your whole body reduce the effects of the stress you are under. 

I pray this helps you to Treasure YOUR Wellness!




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