256. Is your FATIGUE related to a Spiritual IDENTITY Crisis? Walk in Freedom Today.

Is your daily fatigue possibly related to a spiritual identity crisis?

Are you ready to help yourself get to the bottom of your tiredness my friend? To walk in fatigue freedom?

YOU must address your fatigue or you WILL remain sad sick and stuck. It WILL affect every single area of your life.
Here’s the cold hard truth: No one else is going to address it for you. The reality is, YOU are your own best advocate for your health.

That includes ALL levels of health. Physical, Mental, Spiritual.

And to TRULY address your daily fatigue you need to consider if it is a spiritual issue. Meaning, are you struggling with your IDENTITY as a Christian woman?

Most people find their identity in WHAT they do. What their career or vocation is. Wife, Mom, employee, biz owner…..

While there is nothing wrong with attaching those things to WHAT you DO, they aren’t WHO you ARE.

What is your IDENTITY as a daughter of the KING?

To help you stand BOLDLY in your Kingdom IDENTITY, and help you break FREE from your daily FATIGUE, I am going to share 6 identity names and verses to back them up. 

I pray this blesses you and helps you to treasure YOUR wellness!
XO, Michelle

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