260. STRESSED over your Mental + Emotional Health? Trusting God as Healer Series Part 2

Are you stressed over your mental + emotional health? What does God say about your healing? Can you really trust God to heal you?

Sometimes it can be really hard to TRUST other people, especially if you have been burned in the past. And often, your stressful situation can make it hard to really trust God too. If you have gone through a fiery trial or are in one now and it is causing you great anxiety, stress and worry I pray that part 2 of my Trusting God as Healer Series will bring you some peace.

The Trusting God as Healer Series is where we are seeing how God is our healer in body, soul and spirit.

Last week we talked about God as healer over our body. If you missed that go back and listen. There are some good bible verses that will encourage you. I always want to bring you back into the word as your #1 source of truth. 

Being stressed out over our circumstances isn’t something God wants for His daughters. Even when it comes to our physical, mental or spiritual health.

Focusing on things that bring STRESS instead of things that bring PEACE will keep us in a state of anxiety and worry. 

Settle in as I share 4 specific bible verses that will bring you peace over your mental and emotional health as you trust God as your healer. 

Grab your bible and journal for today’s episode and I pray this blesses you!
XO, Michelle

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