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3 Easy Midlife NUTRITION Tips for Good Energy Levels While Traveling.

Are you traveling for the holidays? Let’s talk about some nutrition tips to help you have good energy levels while you are traveling. These are some quick tips for Thanksgiving week especially if you are traveling.

When you are on a road trip do you pack healthy foods and snacks? Don’t get tripped up at the rest stop vending machines and the gas station junk food. Not if you want to be healthy and keep your energy levels up!
You CAN be in control of what you put into your mouth to then help your body naturally feel better and have more energy. I promise eating healthy while on a road trip doesn’t have to be hard and you can have good energy levels even while traveling.

Today I am sharing 3 easy ways to pack healthy food to keep your energy levels up even while on the road. This involves intentional planning and NOT grabbing things on the road. Check out ep 44 for more tips on eating healthier on the road that does involve eating out. But today we are talking about planning and prepping for healthy eating to have good energy levels.

These are simple, I am sure you have heard them before, this is nothing new, but I believe they bear repeating to help with good energy levels especially during the holidays.

Notice I am not telling you what to avoid at the Thanksgiving table! But hopefully being proactive as you prep healthy food for your travel will encourage you to make wise choices when you are surrounded with an abundance of foods that may not be your best friend.

3 Midlife Nutrition Tips for Good Energy Levels:

  1. Invest in a good quality large cooler. I hate to name drop but I will. We love our Yeti. I am usually not much of a brand name gal but this is a winner for sure! We got it free from my husband’s company when he reached a milestone and we absolutely love it. So much so that we surprised our son and daughter in law with one last Christmas. Our daughter already had one or she would have gotten one too. It will keep food cold for days if properly prepped. I have never owned such a reliable cooler and now that we have had it for several years I really think it is worth the price.
  2. Batch cook and freeze. Plan ahead and cook a larger amount of some easy 1 pot dishes like soups, chili’s and sautéed chick/veggies then freeze them in individual containers once cooled.  Easy but nutritious dishes that you will enjoy and are easy to warm up. Frozen water bottles work really well to keep food cold if you don’t have quality ice packs. The frozen containers also help keep food cold.
  3. Keep a smaller cooler close by. You want to have a smaller cooler bag that is reachable close to you in the car so you can easily access it. This could be filled with protein bars, homemade trail mix, yogurt, chia seed pudding, cut up veggies, fruits, hummus, lettuce turkey wraps, protein shakes etc. Of course you want a good, reliable ice pack or 2. I have had the best ice packs come from my supplement orders on Fullscript honestly. (see Because of that, I can’t really steer you towards a specific brand of ice packs. Those Igloo ones never really stayed cold.  For colder snacks or mini meals make up a protein shake (also can be frozen) and chia seed pudding. Hard boiled organic eggs already peeled make an easy and satisfying addition to your meal or snack.


Planning and prepping your snacks and meals for a road trip helps you to not fall off the wagon, so to speak, if you are trying to eat healthy.  Keeping your same eating routine, as much as possible, also helps you to keep your energy levels up even with a long drive. Making wise choices is worth every effort when you arrive at your destination without a headache, or with those carb and sugar crashes. Good energy levels are worth all of the planning and extra time spent in the kitchen.

When we nurture and care for our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit we are better able to pour out into others as God calls us to. Feeling good nutritionally helps us to feel good physically which helps us feel good mentally and emotionally. Good energy levels are so important for body, soul, spirit wellness.

 When we feel good in all areas of our wellness, it is then easier and a pleasure to SHINE for Jesus.  

When our energy is low, we cannot possibly do all the things we want to do and have to do especially during the holidays. Take these tips and incorporate them if you are going on a road trip this holiday season or really any time you are traveling and FEEL better as your energy levels improve.

As we approach Thanksgiving this week I pray these tips help you to feel and be more in control over your eating to help keep those energy levels up. And if you need a Fatigue Freedom session to identify your tired triggers or fatigue causes grab it now!

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