94. Are you EXHAUSTED when you wake up in the morning? Why your nighttime SLEEP routine could be draining your ENERGY!

Do you feel tired before you even get started in the morning? Drained? Exhausted? 

Do you hit snooze 3 times before you get out of bed because you’re so exhausted? 

Do you feel like you need to fuel up with caffeine before you can function?

Today I will address those questions and show you why your sleep routine could be draining your energy. I will give you 4 action steps to take tonight to help you get quality sleep to wake up feeling rested instead of exhausted and drained. 

When you are consistently waking up more exhausted and drained than feeling rested then something is not right. 

It could be what you are doing (or not doing) during your nighttime sleep routine. 

Try these 4 steps to wake up with more energy and say good bye to the total exhaustion each morning. 

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