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Are you dreading the time change coming up Sunday?  It isn’t as fun as “Fall Back” is it? Nope, we LOSE an

Ditch the Afternoon Caffeine!

Stop doing that! No, seriously. Stop. It is wreaking havoc on your (more than likely) already taxed adrenals. 🥱 I fell into

What is Inflammation?

You may know that the SHAPE ReClaimed Program helps reduce inflammation. But what exactly is inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s healthy response

Do You Do This?

I hear this a lot… “I am a Celiac. I am a Diabetic. I am Hypothyroid.” Fill in your particular struggle with

10 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Immune System Today I believe that while you can’t change the strength of an


72 Names for Sugar Sugar. Would a food by any other name taste as sweet? As it turns out, the answer to