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Ditch the Afternoon Caffeine!

Stop doing that!

No, seriously.


It is wreaking havoc on your (more than likely) already taxed adrenals. 🥱

I fell into this trap SO MANY TIMES.

Did an afternoon cup of coffee help me to get through the rest of the busy day?

Yes and No.

Yes because I enjoyed it.

No because I quickly regretted it.

My body was giving me all sorts of signs that it didn’t really appreciate the jolt of caffeine on an already stressed body.


🔸Histamine reactions


🔸Heart Palpitations

🔸Increased anxiousness

Finally it started screaming at me until I GOT IT.👏 (slow learner, ha!)

Do yourself a favor and ditch the afternoon caffeine. Reach for a green tea for a smidge of natural caffeine and see how that makes you feel.
Or one of my favorites is Peppermint tea for a naturally caffeine free energy lift.
Give it a try. But give it several days to begin creating a healthy habit.

You adrenals will thank you!❤

Are you guilty of this? ✋🙋‍♀️ No worries.

🧐 If you would like to learn the 3 crucial things to regain your energy in a NATURAL way, message me and I will happily send you my FREE Foggy & Fatigued Blueprint! ❤

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