Does Godly Wisdom=Health Freedom?

Learning about Godly wisdom from chickens!

It’s funny how animals can make us think a little deeper. Think about things like does Godly wisdom equal health freedom? What is wisdom? What is health freedom?

Watching my chickens free range in the back yard brings me a sense of calm. This is why sometimes when my day is a bit stressful, I will bundle up and go outside to spend a few minutes with them.

Talking to them.

Watching them.

Giving them treats or kitchen scraps.

I don’t spend long with them, maybe 10 minutes or so but it is enough to bring a sense of calm to my soul especially when I am having “one of those days”.

Does that sound crazy?

Yeah, I know. My sister teases me that I am a crazy chicken lady now!

But this weekend, when they were out in the sunshine, free ranging in the yard, scratching, pecking and doing what chickens do, all of a sudden, the wind really picked up and a big gust came. (We have had a LOT of wind lately.)

What did those girls do? They made a beeline right for me.


Because to them, I represent safety. Yes, food, treats, freedom…but also safety.

They always run right to my husband or me when they feeling scared or startled.

Jesus=Wisdom & Wisdom=Freedom

This got me thinking…. Maybe because I had just heard 2 amazing sermons about trusting in the Lord even in the midst of all the crazy going on in this world…

Jesus is our steady rock.

Jesus is our constant.

Jesus is our safety.

Do WE run to Jesus at the FIRST sign of trouble?

Do WE turn to Him immediately when we are scared or startled or rattled?

I really tried to focus on Matthew 6:33 consistently last year. It was the verse that really spoke to me in 2023 and I shared it with you often. (But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things will be provided for you.)

Sometimes that means we have to get quiet.

Put down our devices and the things that easily distract us (ensnare us) and be still.

Alone with our thoughts.

Alone with Jesus.

Alone with our feelings.

Alone with the King who understands.

Alone with our Shepherd.

And sometimes that means we wait.

With the waiting comes wisdom.


Yes. Really.

Maybe at this point in your life and career you are done with the hustle and bustle. You are done with the striving and surviving. You are done with the exhausting rat race of working so hard and so much. You are done with the HURRY of it all.

That only brings you stress, worry and exhaustion. Sleepless nights. Anxiety. Endless tiredness.

I GET IT. And I’ve been there too.

NONE of it helps us.

It’s important that we address all 3 levels of health for optimal living.

Really for freedom in our whole health. Doesn’t that sound good?


So how does Godly WISDOM give us FREEDOM

And how does RESTING and WAITING give us WISDOM

Listen in to today’s episode on wisdom in resting and waiting.

233. Need Wisdom in Health, Life & Business? Why Resting & Waiting is Vial.
Wisdom=Resting & Waiting in God’s Kingdom.

I pray this encourages and blesses you today!
XO, Michelle