Ep. 206 Confidence in Christ after Abuse & Trauma-Guest Stada Inman-Faith Friday

Can you have clear confidence in Christ after suffering from abuse and trauma? Absolutely! 
God wants you to be confident as His daughter. God wants you to know that you are His and deeply loved. 
Your worth is found in Jesus not what the world says. Your worth is not found in your trauma story.

If you are struggling to see your worth even as a Christian woman and want to build up your confidence as a daughter, this episode with a Pastor’s wife will encourage you. 

As a beautiful daughter of the King, your life has amazing value and you can be confident in who you are in Christ. 

My guest today is Stada Inman, a Pastor’s wife, worship leader and co-host with her husband of the podcast A Cup of SonRise. 

Stada is very real and transparent as she shares her story of abuse and trauma and how God redeemed her as His daughter. 

She wants women to know how valued they are and what their worth is in God’s eyes even when the world says differently.

Our prayer is that this message helps you build up your confidence in Christ and you allow yourself to be filled up in Him so you can more effectively pour out into others. 

I pray this encourages, strengthens and blesses you!
XO, Michelle

Connect with Stada:

email: stadasings@gmail.com


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