Ep. 46-Do you hate drinking water?

Most of us don’t drink enough water. We drink too much coffee, tea, and other unhealthy drinks. But why is that? There are a lot of reasons, but the solution is pretty simple! Here are 7 ways to get you drinking more water!

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Hey, friends, happy Tuesday. I hope you are doing well. I hope the sun is shining. Wherever you are. It is warm here today. It is a beautiful day and I’m just so aware of how much better my mood is when the sun is shining. Do you feel the same way? Okay, so do you have a glass of water in your hand? Do you have a water bottle? Do you have a tumbler? Are you drinking water right now? I hope you are because today it’s all about water. We’re going to talk about why it’s important how you can get more in if you are struggling to drink enough water because a lot of people think that they are drinking enough water when they’re really not.

That’s what today’s about, I’ve got seven tips to help you get your water in effortlessly, or maybe a little more effortlessly. So grab a notebook, grab a pen and grab your water if you don’t already have some and let’s get to it. Okay, if you are having some brain fog, if you are having trouble thinking clearly. And if you are feeling so exhausted and just tired, this is going to be one of the best ways to overcome those challenges.

So let me give you some quick facts on water. Did you know that your brain is made up of 80% water, so your brain craves water, even at a 2% dehydration level, your brain has greatly affected that brain fog that you’re feeling those headaches, the trouble focusing and concentrating, irritability, even those are all symptoms of your brain being dehydrated, that 2% dehydration level of your brain is from the findings of the American College of Nutrition, and your cells are made up of 60% water.

So you can see how vital it is that our body as a whole, Our body as a temple must stay hydrated. And I don’t want to burst your bubble here. But there are some new findings from the Institute of Medicine that shows new findings about the amounts of water that you should be drinking. So for women, they’re now saying nine eight ounce glasses of water. So that will equal 74 ounces in a day. And for men 13 eight ounce glasses of water. So that will equal 101 ounces of water a day.

So you might be shaking your head going there’s no way I can get that much water in or maybe you’re like yep, I think I’m making that but here’s the thing. Honestly, the reality is is that not everyone agrees with how much water we all should be getting in but they do agree that it is vital for our health.

So I want to talk about how you can get your water in effortlessly and I want to give you seven tips that you can do that. Okay, so number one, get a really nice tumbler that you will love to use each day. There are some great ones that have the markings on the side that tell you how many ounces there are some with some really encouraging motivational words on there. So find what you love, find what you’re going to want to keep in your hand and carry it around with you every day so to me holding it is important too. I have to have a specific grip or it has to feel good in my hand and 20 ounces is the smallest size that I do recommend because that way you’re not having to lose track of how often you refilled something. It’s an even number. It’s easy in my brain. I am not a math person. So I like easy math and it just keeps it helps you keep on track better.

I think now 32 ounces is also really nice, but it can be heavy and cumbersome. But I do love mine I have a stainless steel one and especially in the summertime when it is so hot. It keeps my water cooler. Even in a hot car, and I don’t even put ice in it. So that is really telling how well those stainless steel tumblers work. So the other thing is it has to fit in a cup holder like I am super funny about that. I know that there was a big craze a couple of years ago, and it might even still be going on where people would have the 64 ounce jugs of water, but you literally had to put a seat belt around it. So It wouldn’t roll around and it’s heavy. I mean, it’s heavy, but usually my hands are full. So you know, I’ve got the purse, I’ve got a bag, I’ve got the keys, the tumbler water, a lunch bag that I’m toting around, so you just need to think it through and what is going to be easy for you to implement, how can this effortlessly slip into your typical daily routine. So get in the habit of taking whatever tumbler you find everywhere you want to take it everywhere, you’re grabbing your purse, you’re grabbing your keys, you’re grabbing your water, so you’re not even stuck without it ever. So that’s just a good habit, just creating that good healthy habit of grabbing your water and taking it everywhere you go.

Number two, keep fresh lemon slices ready in a glass container in the fridge. And this is going to make it so much easier for you to add fresh lemon to your water in the morning. Lemon is a great way to detoxify and it gives you some extra electrolytes as well, as well as some vitamin C. So it’s a really great option. But if you don’t like lemon, what is it that you do like if you like mint, use mint, basil, berries, kiwi orange slices, you can use any kind of fruit that you like that makes sense to put in water and just infuse your water. That way. You don’t even have to buy a special infused water bottle. Because I mean unless you don’t like yours floating around, but I don’t care, I’ll just have my fruit floating around. It doesn’t bother me, I feel like you get more flavor that way anyway, but I don’t know, whatever works for you, whatever is going to help you get the water in.

And then number three, you want to set a daily goal for how much water you’re going to take in and generally half your body weight analysis is recommended. So you want to aim for getting in the majority of your water by 3pm. So as an example, if your weight is 180 pounds, then you want to get 90 ounces of water in daily. So therefore you can aim for 60 to 70 ounces by 3pm. Now this takes time. I mean, do not let this make you feel defeated at all. This takes time, you do not have to feel like you are going to be guzzling water all day long. But you want to stay mindful of the goal that you set for yourself for that day, each day is going to build on the other. So set a goal and keep aiming for that goal.

Number four, begin your day with water. First thing, no excuses. If you’ve been listening for a time you’ve heard me say water before coffee, and I stand by that because you are dehydrated from sleeping all night. And the water is going to wake up your brain cells better than anything else. Yes, even your coffee, I promise you, because coffee dehydrates you even more, and you want to wake up your cells, I don’t want you to feel like you can’t have your coffee. So a nice happy medium and I small compromise is to have a glass of water before your cup of coffee. And if you really don’t like water, or if this is something you have never done is have water before coffee, you might want to start with just four to six ounces just to kind of get yourself in the groove and then work your way up to maybe 10 ounces.

But this is where the fresh fruit can really make that big flavor difference because like I talked before about fresh lemons, the lemon in the water is really refreshing and if you want hot lemon water that’s really good for your gut as well and it is a good way to detoxify while giving yourself those natural electrolytes and vitamin C.

Okay, number five, take 10 gulps each time you pick up your tumbler or your water bottle. Okay, now this is where you’re going to be maybe guzzling a little bit, but each time you pick it up, if you’re just counting 10 Swallows this is going to help cut out the excuse of I hate the taste of water. Because really, you’re chugging it so fast. You barely taste it. You’re just getting it down. Yes, this kind of makes it like a chore, right? But if you change your mindset on that and you’re thinking of it more as a game, I’m going to have 10 big swallows real quick then it’s going to go by really fast and before you know it you will have hit your goal for the day, your water goal for the day.

So this is a really neat trick for people that work at their desk and they are in meetings all the time. They are on conference calls and they have their water by that’ll right there, they’re looking at it, but they simply don’t pick it up like they don’t drink it. So this is a nice trick for you to be able to do that, and help you to reach your water goal for the day.

Okay, number six, when you’re at home, use something different use a fun glass or a mason jar, even something to make it more enjoyable. So for example, this is something that my clients have really benefited from this little tip of if you are trying not to drink wine every night, like wine with dinner every night, putting a flavored sparkling water and a beautiful wine glass that has really helped them to be able to not miss the wine as much. So it’s just a nice little mental switch in your brain where you’re using the wine glass, you’ve got the feel of the glass, because let’s face it, things like this are important to us having a nice wine glass, adding a different drink that you didn’t drink throughout the day. So if you drank a sparkling water throughout the day, then this might not work for you. But you’d want to come up with something different. Maybe that’s when you’re putting the fresh mint leaves in your water or something.

But I know even for me, I would not drink any sparkling waters throughout the day or any seltzer waters, because I knew I would want one when I got home or when I was maybe wanting that alcoholic drink, but maybe I had a headache that night or something and it just I knew it would not be the right choice. I would have that sparkling water in that nice wine goblet are that wineglass so that’s a fun trick and also using a straw helps you to drink faster. So that’s going to help you get to your goal faster, too.

Okay, and the last tip number seven, if you really hate water, this is going to be for you, you’re going to crowd out your other go to drinks with one tumbler or have a flavored water. So for example, if you have normally a diet soda with your lunch, then sub out a sparkling flavored water or seltzer flavored water instead. Some other good options are going to be those Zevia soda drinks. Have you seen them in the store? They’re generally towards the end of the soda aisle, they’ve got the healthier soda options. So those are really great. And that can be a nice easy transition. If you are trying to stop your soda habit. This can be a nice gentle transition where you just drink the Zevia and then eventually you wean yourself off of those as well.

You’ve got kombucha that is like a fermented tea. It’s really good for your gut health, but it also has a lot of flavor. So that’s nice and it’s got that carbonation. So a lot of people that drink sodas they love it for the carbonation too. So if that’s you, these are some other options. You’ve got the Zevia’s, you’ve got the kombucha, you’ve got those Seltzer and sparkling waters. And then you’ve also got those herbal teas and they are naturally caffeine free, then that counts as water intake. So yay, that mug of tea that you have every night that is going to count as your water intake.

Also, don’t forget that there are water flavors, water enhancers that you can use to add to your water to kind of give you that little sweetener, there are very few that I like because of the artificial sweeteners but stir drops is a great brand. And then stevia brand has some liquid Stevia flavors that are really good to put in your water. Oh, and if you are a juice drinker, just start making a healthier change by diluting it a little bit just to cut the amount of sugar just get started making that healthy change. And I do want to bring up one caveat to the sparkling waters, maybe watch how many of the sparkling seltzer waters that you drink a day and try not to go over two a day to kind of minimize your bloating and your gas plus there’s a lot of sodium in those drinks and you don’t want to have all of that extra sodium. So that’s just a little caveat to that.

Let’s recap real quick seven tips to help you get your water in almost effortlessly right. Number one, get a really nice tumbler that you will love to use each day. I do recommend a 20 ounce being the smallest size and take it everywhere with you. Number two, keep fresh lemon or other fruit slices in the fridge. So it’s easy for you to grab and throw them in your tumbler set a daily goal for your intake. Then number three, you want to aim for half your body weight in ounces and try to get the majority of your water in by 3pm. I mean you don’t want to be guzzling a bunch of water at night and then you’re up all night because you can’t sleep and you’re going to the bathroom. So that’s why I have that little tip there. And then number four begin your day with water first thing no excuses water before coffee. Number five, take 10 gulps of water each time you pick up your tumbler or your water bottle number six, use a fun glass or a mason jar and a straw to help you drink faster and just make it more enjoyable. And number seven, if you hate water, you’re going to crowd out your other go to drinks with one tumbler or one can of flavored water instead.

Okay, so just remember, its baby steps, right? This is progress, not perfection. And you’ve got this, don’t worry, you’ve got this. If you have struggled with getting enough water in, you’ve tried over and over and over again, you’ve bought the fun tumblers you’ve done the water apps that remind you, they go off and they remind you to drink water or you set a timer on your phone. I mean, those are all other great tips too. But take a different perspective, change your perception about what you have thought before about water, maybe just completely start fresh, throw everything out the window that you’ve been doing up until now and you’re starting fresh. Okay, Today’s a new day, you’re starting fresh and you’ve got these seven tips to help you get your water and pick and choose what works for you. Okay, you have this you’re gonna set your goal and you’re gonna get to your water goal. And you will see within a few days how much more alert you feel how less tired you feel less fatigue less draggy, your mind is clear, you’re able to think a little bit better. And if you only made this one change this week, that’s incredible. And you will notice the difference. So I do encourage you to set your water goal, make it happen. You’ve got this!

Father God, I pray over each woman listening that you would help her to remember these tips when she is in the midst of her busy day. I do pray that you would prick her conscious Holy Spirit just to remind her each morning and as she goes along her way because the days are so busy, and she needs your Holy Spirit, guidance and direction. And we thank you for this Jesus, Amen.

All right, that’s what I’ve got for you. And if you are really struggling with your energy, there is a link down below in the show notes where you can click on for a free foggy and fatigued blueprint that is going to give you actionable steps that you can take every single day to regain your energy in a natural way, as well as giving you recipes and other tips along the way too.

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