Feeling stuck and uncertain? Step out in faith and out of your comfort zone in these 3 ways.

Comfort zones are not really all they are cracked up to be. When you feel called to make changes in your life, but have a fear of uncertainty, or aren’t willing to take that big leap of faith- that’s when you can end up feeling sad, sick, and stuck! The Lord wants you to feel your absolute best, and stepping out of your comfort zone is the first step.

Hey there happy Tuesday, I am so happy that you have joined me today and guys, I just realized that today is episode 40. I cannot believe it. My mind is blown that I have 40 podcast episodes out now. And it has just been such a journey. And just such a fun journey, a pleasure to be able to give this content, give this information, put my heart and soul into it because I’m really enjoying it. And I really hope you are too. And I’m just so grateful for each one of you that listens, that takes the time to send me a message that takes the time to write a review. I am so grateful for each one of you. And I am just so happy that you are hanging with me still and that you are sharing this with your friends. And I pray that the next 40 episodes will continue to bless you even more. And I just am so in awe today like it’s just crazy. It just hit me. And I’m just so grateful but today I want to talk about comfort zones. Oh my goodness, comfort zones, not always so comfortable and I really want to bring a different perspective about our comfort zones.

I want to talk about three ways that staying in your comfort zone is keeping you in bondage and draining your energy. Pretty strong stuff. But I think that you will really get some aha moments through this episode and before we get started, if you are ready to dive deep into your own health journey and do that deep intentional work for your mind, body and soul, then I would love to support you through that with private coaching. And it’s just a chance for us to really get to the root cause of some things that might be holding you back, some chains that may be needed to get broken once and for all. And it’s a great way for you to get that accountability and that support that you might desperately be needing so that you can get that restoration that you are looking for, click the link below if you would like to hop on a call and we can get that started. 

All right, get comfortable, because we’re going to be talking about the comfort zone, which may not be too comfortable in actuality so grab your mug of tea, I have my lemon, ginger, and settle back. And let’s get started with today’s show. Okay, comfort zones, comfort zones. It’s kind of one of those crazy titles, right? Because it’s really not always all it’s cracked up to be. It’s not always so comfortable. And I want to point out three ways that staying in your comfort zone may be keeping you in bondage, and it could be draining your energy as well because staying in your comfort zone kind of keeps you sad, sick and stuck so I’m going to address each one of those and we’re going to start with sad first. Staying in your comfort zone can really affect you emotionally, and mentally and even physically and spiritually. So knowing that you can do things differently, but maybe not knowing how, or wanting to do things differently, but you’re unsure where to begin or maybe you are beating yourself up for not being better, doing better, eating better. 

Fill in your personal blank, have better write what you expect of yourself and what your high expectations might be for yourself, because we all have them right? Or maybe you are just really unhappy but you’re not willing to take that leap or that step to create the change that you need to bring you the happiness that you’re looking for. And staying in a state of depression, anxiety, maybe you’re angry, you’re worried, fearful, miserable, just discontent like these are not spiritual fruits, these emotions are not given to you by the Lord, because the Lord doesn’t want you feeling depressed or anxious or angry or worried or fearful and so when we are in a comfort zone that is not necessarily fulfilling for us, or filling us or meeting all of our needs, it can really make us down, it can really affect us in all areas of our life in all areas of our health. 

Maybe spiritually, you are wanting to get closer to the Lord, but you are unwilling to commit to that daily quiet time of getting up early every morning because you’re exhausted, you’re tired, and you’re just not willing to do that or you feel like you can’t do that. And that saddens you that makes you feel sad, because you know that there’s a disconnect between you and the Lord. And you’re not sure what to do about that, because you’re so tired. And see, again, that’s where you start beating yourself up because you know that you should just get up early, right. And you know, that you should maybe go to bed early, so that you can get up early the next day but oftentimes, when we are feeling sad, when we are not in our right state, emotionally, we lose all desire and drive to do the things that we know we should do. And that brings me to number two, feeling sick, staying in your comfort zone can actually make you sick, because it’s a vicious cycle of not feeling well, right, eating those foods that you may know, you shouldn’t be doing it anyway, for whatever reason, right, hitting the drive thru, even though you know, it gives you a stomachache, but you just don’t care to take the time to pack yourself a decent lunch, even if you actually packed your kids lunch that morning. 

So just not even thinking about yourself, not putting yourself first and then trying to play catch up later or maybe you’re numbing out, which is so common, right? Scrolling social media, binging Netflix, drinking alcohol, eating food, that is a comfort to you eating those sugary filled foods or just reaching for the sugar, the flat out candy, chocolate, I mean, you will get a dopamine charge, but it’s not very long lasting. And that my friend is why you are doing it every single night because you aren’t getting true satisfaction from any of it. It’s almost like you’re on rinse and repeat. You’re doing the same thing every night because it’s easy and in some way, it’s comforting. And for a while it may have worked. And that brings me to number three, you’re stuck. You’re feeling miserable and maintaining but you’re just kind of

going through the status quo. Maybe you’re not moving forward, you’re not growing, because you’re scared, you’re unsure, you are frozen. I know I have felt that way many times just frozen with analysis, paralysis, right? And self sabotaging. We self sabotage ourselves a lot when we are feeling this way. So maybe you have been thinking of a plan to get you out of your situation but you’re really afraid to try to implement it because the fear of failure is keeping you in bondage. And you may even be praying that God will remove you from a situation but you’re not taking any clear cut action yourself, or you are praying without really believing. 

Wow, that’s a tough one, that is something I have struggled with myself many, many times or maybe you’re doing the same thing over and over because honestly, when you do the same thing over and over, you can expect the same results over and over but I want to ask you, who is it that wants to keep you sad, sick and stuck? Who is it? Because I know it’s not you? I know you don’t want to be feeling this way. It’s the enemy. If we look at John 10:10 It says a thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance so that is Jesus talking so the enemy wants to keep you sad, sick and stuck but who wants to give you an abundant life in all areas? Well, Jesus, he says it very plainly. I have come that you may have life and have it in abundance. Perhaps God doesn’t intend for you to be happy in your comfort zone. 

Oh, let me say that again. Perhaps God does not intend for you to be happy in your comfort zone. Wow and really, that is why he’s always wanting to stretch you, to grow you, to challenge you, to make you into the woman that he created you to be, because he knows the woman that he created for you to be. And he wants to help you to get there. So if you’re feeling any of these sad, sick or stuck, or maybe all three, ask yourself why? Ask God, why? And then ask him, What can you do about it? Okay, so now that I have probably depressed you, what is the solution because I do have a solution for you. It’s a two part solution, you’re going to step out in faith, and you’re going to take that first step towards freedom. By asking the Holy Spirit to guide you, you need to get really still in really quiet, go somewhere where you can actually have that peaceful environment that is conducive for you, really turning off your busy brain, and being able to really focus and hear that still small voice from the Lord. And honestly, sometimes that is the closet or the bathroom, right? It can’t always be so glamorous, like, oh, I’m going to take a beach trip, and I’m going to go down to the beach, and I’m going to hang out by the water and I’m going to talk to God. 

Well, it doesn’t always work that way, right. And really, don’t wait. You don’t have to wait until you get the perfect opportunity. There is no perfect opportunity. We are trying to grow in our faith, we are trying to grow into the woman that God has created us to be. So just find your quiet space. And stepping out in faith is the hardest thing by far is to take that first step but obedience is a very key part in our Christian walk, isn’t it? Let me encourage you maybe with my story so if you have been listening from the beginning of this podcast, you know that God is who told me to start this podcast, this was never on my radar to start a podcast. And when he told me that that’s what he wanted me to do. It was scary. I mean, I was just flat out scared. I had very little self esteem that would warrant me feeling confident about this. Like it was really hard for me to do. And he really pushed me out of my comfort zone. And, and then several months later, probably because I was procrastinating and taking too long to step out in that obedience. He told me to quit my job. 

He told me to quit my job and start my health coaching back up again because I  had to lay it down for several years. And he told me it was time to pick it back up. Well, okay, start a podcast and start my business again. Whoa, that’s not scary at all so I really had to dig super deep into the word and I had to really get still in quiet because I really needed to be sure that that’s what he was telling me. And honestly, because this never would have popped into my head to start a podcast at the time, it was pretty clear that it was God telling me to do that but as far as the business, I was really on the fence about that at that time, I was asking God like, should I lay this down? Should I just be done with coaching? And I mean, I’m just being really honest here like it was really a tough time. And I was pretty stuck in my comfort zone that honestly was not very comfortable. And God knew that and he wanted more for me. And so he had to really prompt me and really prod me and just not let this thought go until it began to become possible in my own mind. And then he was like, okay, daughter, I’m going to go one step further and ask you to quit your job. 

So because I had walked closer with the Lord, during that time he had told me to start a podcast up until the time he told me to quit my job, I was better able to hear that, that truly was what he wanted me to do. I could not have said this to you five years ago. I have grown so much in my walk with Christ. And it’s been so beautiful, but I could not have said that to you five years ago. There’s no way. So I just encourage you to step out in faith and just take that first step towards freedom. Because God does want you to be free, he has given you the Holy Spirit to guide you every step of the way. So number one, you’re going to step out in faith. And number two, you’re going to set up, you’re going to set up a boundary around what is tripping you up. So if your evening routine needs to be changed and adjusted, then creating a calming atmosphere in your bedroom, and then creating a calming bedtime routine really will help you to avoid the temptations of whatever that typical evening routine may be. If it is, like binging Netflix, or scrolling social media, or running to the kitchen for a snack, I mean, you really want to set up a boundary around your struggle. 

So here’s an example. If your struggle is eating while watching Netflix, then keep the kitchen lights off after you clean up from dinner. And I know with open concept homes, like you can see into your kitchen, but keeping the lights off will help you to kind of signal kitchens closed, right. So going further, a mug of herbal tea can also help to signal the end of eating for the night. While it’s really great for digestion, too, but it’s just a nice way to signal the brain that you’re done eating. And then going a step further. Brushing your teeth after you drink the tea will help to continue this mindset, okay, so you’re setting up a boundary around what your struggle is, is this making sense? Satan wants to keep you sad, sick and stuck. And staying in your comfort zone is keeping you there. And it’s keeping you in bondage, and it’s draining your energy because when you aren’t happy when you are depressed, anxious, you feel sick physically or mentally and emotionally, and you’re feeling like you are just stuck in, there’s no way you can get out, then that is keeping you in bondage. So staying in your comfort zone can keep you in bondage. 

And the enemy wants to keep you in bondage, not God, your heavenly Father wants you to have an abundant and full life. So step out in faith and set up a boundary. And those two things can help you with the solution of being sad, sick and stuck in your comfort zone. So let me give you just one action step today. I want you to journal your thoughts on this. What do you think about your comfort zone? I mean, it’s just so ironic, isn’t it? That’s the phrase that we use. But is it really all that comfortable?


no, not if it keeps us sad, sick and stuck. I mean, it’s really an uncomfortable zone, it’s a discomfort zone. And this is why I take a mind, body and soul approach when I am coaching because it is so all encompassing. And it’s biblical, that God wants us to be healthy, in our mind, body and soul. So taking that whole approach will truly give you the restoration that you’re looking for. It’ll truly give you that transformation of things that have been keeping you in bondage, breaking those chains, breaking those chains and walking forward in freedom. 

Yes and Amen that is what God wants for you. Okay, so let me pray over you. Lord, we thank you that you don’t want to keep us that sick and stuck in whatever way we may be feeling. And we just thank You that You want more for us. You say it over and over in your word. And I just pray for whoever needed to hear this that she would feel your Holy Spirit presence surrounding her and encouraging her that you do want more for her as a daughter of the king. I ask that you would guide her in your truth for us in Jesus name. Amen.

All right, my friends. That’s what I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed today’s show. If you did, please share it with a friend who also needs encouragement and tough love. And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any new episodes and if you are ready, if you are so done feeling overwhelmed and maybe even defeated in your own health journey. Let’s hop on a call, let’s talk and we will see if working together is a good fit. Alright, have an amazing day and I will see you next week, beautiful.