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October 1st is National Kale Day. Kale lovers everywhere unite in this special day.

Have you tried kale yet? If not, here is your chance to join the millions of kale lovers who sing its health praises. Kale is a powerhouse of nutrients: vitamins A, C, D, K, and B6, iron, Omega-3 & 6, calcium and folic acid.

Get some and choose how you will cook it, or even if you will cook it. I personally love to sauté it lightly with fresh peppers, mushrooms, garlic and onion. I wait until the veggies are done and then add chopped kale into the pan; add a bit more EVOO and toss.  Pop the lid on, heat on low and watch it turn a beautiful vibrant green color. It takes about 2-3 minutes.

That’s how you know it is done! I just LOVE that pretty green!  (I am so nerdy)

Because I teach my clients the principles of Bio-Individuality (your food could be my poison and vice versa), it is important to listen to your body.

I, for example, cannot eat kale raw.

Just can’t do it.                                                    

Not because of the taste… There are amazing raw kale recipes around. Everywhere. And I have tried them.

No, my body doesn’t like kale raw. Period. And it never hesitates to let me know!

So, by listening to my body when it speaks, I avoid pain and discomfort.

I still get to enjoy my beloved kale, just cooked and not raw.

So, on this National Kale Day, I will be raising my kale filled fork in honor of this amazing powerhouse veggie.

Will YOU?

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