Menopause FATIGUE? Boost ENERGY Through Easy Meal Prepping.

You need and want more energy don’t you as you are going through this menopause season? You’re tired. You’re tired of going through menopause and you’re tired of feeling tired!

I get it.
You’re going all day long and all you want at the end of the busy day is a good meal and maybe your PJ’s as you are navigating this menopause season of life.

AND maybe you don’t want to have to be the one to cook it! Kudos to all of you wives out there that have husbands that love to cook and have dinner ready for you some nights!

But for most of you, You are tired of staring into the fridge and wondering what to make and what to chose that will take less time to make. Or driving home from work finally thinking about dinner and having NO CLUE what is in your pantry you can fix. Already tired. Already fatigued from your busy day.

As we are talking about how you can boost your energy and reduce your menopause fatigue through meal prepping, I will share 5 simple tips to successfully meal plan for a more energetic week!

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Grab your notebook and your meal prepping motivation and let’s get to it!

Maybe you are always tempted to just hit the drive through or order takeout or simply cook up a frozen pizza and call it a day. Because that is so much easier. Even though you KNOW you won’t feel good after or the next day even. No judgement friend. I have been there myself.

BUT here’s the reality of it:
When you fail to plan you plan to fail. I don’t know who first said that but it’s mostly true isn’t it? I know the weeks I don’t plan it’s a cluster most of those nights. And I don’t like it. So I do better the next week and I have a better week.
The truth is: You have work to do, people to care for. You have got to take good care of yourself so that you can take good care of those you love.

A lot of people, you may be one of them, really hate to meal prep or plan out their weeks worth of meals. Some excuses I hear are: it takes too much time, I don’t know what to make, it’s boring, I’m too tired to plan, my husband doesn’t like the healthy foods I cook…..can you relate?

Meal planning is something I talk about often in my coaching because it is one of those things that truly makes your life easier AND you feel better when you do it! Not to mention the brain and body benefits when you are eating better.
I also want you to be in control enough that you can fall back on these tips when you don’t have a specific meal plan to follow.
These are tried and true tips that will help you to be in control with your eating which will give you more energy and brain power.

SO here are 5 simple and actionable tips to successfully meal plan that will give you more energy and confidence as you go through your busy week.

  1. Take 1 hour Friday night or Saturday morning to decide what you want to make the following week. I usually grab a mug of tea, notepad, pen and the store online ad as I settle down to plan. As you do this, come up with 3 main recipes, planning for leftovers. Announce the night you make the meal that you want this meal to be for dinner leftovers so that it doesn’t get eaten beforehand. Label containers as needed. As you plan beware of the Pinterest rabbit hole!
  2. Make your grocery list as you plan your meals for the next week. Make the list in order of the store layout so you are able to be more productive when you shop. Pull up the ad, look at your coupons, make your full list right then. Shop the perimeter of the store to stay focused and on track with healthy choices.
  3. Chop fruits and veggies after getting home from grocery shopping and put in portioned containers for the next few days. Label if necessary. Freeze in individual bags for smoothies. (spinach, blueberries, bananas, avocado) This cuts down on waste and keeps you organized.
  4. Batch cook on the weekend. Utilize your crockpot or Instant Pot each weekend. Soups, stews, chilis all are good options. Make a big egg and sausage casserole or boil up some eggs and peel them for easy protein filled breakfast. Freeze half of what you make for another week where you can pull it out and you have a healthy meal.
  5. Pack your lunch the night before for easy grab and go in the AM. Don’t miss this step!
    Dinner leftovers automatically go into a container for your lunch. If you eat breakfast at the office, have that ready too.

4 Benefits of meal planning & prepping:

  1. You’re in control.
  2. You feel better and you have more energy from the healthier meals you prepared.
  3. You’re not stressed.
  4. You may have less cravings because you’re eating healthy whole food.

My friend, you can feel confident that you have a whole week planned out, of good nutrition that will boost your energy, keep you from grabbing anything from the break room or the drive through and help you to stay clear and focused on your health goals. Yes, even in menopause.
Doesn’t this sound doable? It’s something you can do right now. Block the time off so you can plan properly for the rest of this week. Then, when the weekend comes, you follow these 5 steps and see how much easier your work week is next week!
If you are already meal prepping and planning but you are still dealing with your menopausal fatigue grab a Fatigue Freedom Session so you can get more clarity on what your specific tired triggers or fatigue causes are.

I pray meal prepping each week helps you to boost your energy levels especially in this menopause season!

XO, Michelle

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