As I was thoroughly enjoying my breakfast this morning, (free-range egg cooked in coconut oil, un-cured bacon, baby spinach and Bella mushrooms with a piece of sprouted grain toast and butter), my mind drifted to how often we really ENJOY our food. So often we are in “survival” mode. We just eat to keep on going. Almost mindlessly. We eat while surfing the net, checking emails, FB, Twitter, reading, watching TV, driving. I am guilty of this so much. In addition to consuming more than our bodies really need by eating this way, are we really enjoying our meal?

 While eating this morning, I realized that by continuing to eat while checking emails on my phone, I was missing a blessing. The blessing of nurturing ME by being fully present for just a few minutes, concentrating on the taste and texture of the food, the scent, how the flavors work so well together….

I prepared this breakfast.


No one else.

 And I was just going to scarf it down, then rush off to my busy day?

No Way.

See, I know this. I have practiced this. But life happens right? We get in a routine of living on autopilot. Maybe we can’t eat mindfully and be fully present ALL the time for EVERY meal. But why not try for one meal a day when you are eating alone? Even if you are not alone, you can SLOW DOWN while you eat.

So the next time you sit down to a meal, close your eyes, be grateful for the hands that prepared it, (even if it was your own) and eat slowly, savoring each bite. Put your fork down and chew slowly and mindfully. You will see that by slowing down when you are eating, your pulse will slow, you will breathe easier, your digestion will be smoother, your mind will get a break and just overall, your body, mind and spirit will be much happier and feel lighter.

Ready to take on whatever is in store for that day.

Try it. You will feel better.  I promise!

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