Reclaim Your Health:
Unlocking the 4 Causes of Dis-ease

Are you tired of feeling constantly fatigued, dealing with brain fog, and struggling with painful joints and bloating?

You’re not alone. Many women face these challenges, often with little to no answers from conventional approaches. 

It’s time to take charge of your health and discover the real reasons behind these symptoms.

Introducing Reclaim Your Health: Unlocking the 4 Causes of Dis-ease.

Take it back!

Hi there, I'm michelle mccoy

 Wife, Mom, Board Certified Functional Health Coach, Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner,  SHAPE ReClaimed Practitioner and Podcast Host.

I believe our bodies are  brilliantly designed and a beautiful temple. We have the innate ability to restore, repair and rejuvenate our health if we have the proper tools, training and support

Educating women to discover what their unique body needs to function at it’s best is such a joy as it trickles down into the family unit so everyone is living a healthy life. 

You, beautiful woman, are the heartbeat of your home and it is imperative that  your bucket is filled! If you continue drawing from an empty bucket caring for everyone else but putting yourself last, then your personal resources will be drained and your whole health will suffer.  Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

 As women, we need encouragement and support and it is my joy to help you along in your journey.

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Discover how chronic inflammation, toxicity, immune deficiency, and excess weight can be effectively managed through anti-inflammatory nutrition, gentle detoxification, immune system support, and a holistic approach.

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be empowered to make informed choices and take control of your well-being.

Say goodbye to constant fatigue, brain fog, and joint pain, and say hello to renewed energy, mental clarity, and improved vitality. Get ready to unlock the secrets to lasting health and reclaim your true potential

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